Care for our lovely dad who has Alzheimer's

16 Apr 2017
24 Apr 2017
Contract Type
My daughter is writing this, so I can't take responsibility for her description of me! However, I know she loves me very much - and her sister does too. I enjoy them visiting and being with me and I like other people being around me. My daughter says I've spent my life helping others and that that shows. People do still tend to like being with me - even though I have Alzheimer's now. I say that I have spent a lot of time talking in my life and now I spend time listening. I find it very hard to find the right words to express what I'm thinking or want to convey - so I use humour and occasionally I find I can sing still.

I have loved my garden and the beautiful flowers and trees there. I enjoy my food (most days) and generally enjoy watching people around me, particularly children and babies - they make my day. I like sleeping a lot too! My faith in God uplifts me and I occasionally I still enjoy the support of going to church on Sunday.

I need to have someone in the home all the time with me. I have one live-in career working alternate weeks and need someone else for the other alternate weeks. (The current carer has been with me for over three and a half years; he has been very kind and we have a good relationship.)

If you might be interested in living at our house taking care of me every other week , let my daughter know what you could do. You would have other carers coming in three times a day to help you with me and also you would have time off each day. My daughter can tell you about this. Please note this is a contracted, employed position, not self-employed.

I am blessed in that mostly I am generally content. I find it very difficult to talk now and need help with all my daily needs. I am an affectionate person and very much appreciate my daughters' love and also the kindness and care of my main carer and the other lovely people who come in and help me. The consultants is pleased with me. I was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2006. It has progressed a lot, but otherwise my health is good.

Thank you for reading this and considering my needs.